It is very simple!

Here you can find a way how to register to World Pond Hockey Championship Official Qualifying Event in Europe. What is your rights and duties, how to be part of our pond hockey culture.  

We  will support your team with creative advices how to find a team sponsorship in your place which helps you to raise your pond hockey adventure. 

Then practise hard, win local event and fly to Canada for your truly Canadian experience. This is your Hockey Dream!

Duties of Players

  1. Be registered player/team,
  2. Fill all the information correctly and truthfully,
  3. Sign a waiver of profits,
  4. Pay tournament registration fee, 
  5. Attend championship matches,
  6. Respect opponents and rules of pond hockey.

Rights of Players

  1. Represent their pond hockey team,
  2. Receive a free advice and consultations about sponsorship to cover costs,
  3. Advices and tips for accommodations in place of event, 
  4. Sponsored one meal and drink at tournament,
  5. To receive a prizes (only for Top 3 teams),  
  6. Be part of new pond hockey culture,
  7. Be part of a documentary movie from Canada.