• All games are 30 minutes in length consisting of two 15-minute halves with a 5-minute break in between.
  • Teams are comprised of a maximum of 5 players (4 on 4, no goalies). The spare player may be utilized as a sub each game. Player changes allowed only during stoppages in play. (After a goal is scored). Injuries, illness or other reasons do not allow the addition of more players to the roster during the tournament.
  • Games are played on an ice surface measuring approximately 140' x 70'
  • The nets or goals are reduced in size. They remain the standard 6 feet in width but are only 10 inches high.
  • No goalie sticks or goaltending equipment permitted.
  • Teams are required to have both home (white) and away (dark) jerseys. Jerseys will be sponsored with International Pond Hockey Association for final game. 
  • Face-offs will be used to start games and second halves. All other instances (goals scored / penalties) will see the appropriate team taking "half". Both teams must move quickly so that the game is not delayed. The defending team returns to their side of center before the attacking team advances. Once the puck or the attacking team crosses center, the defending team may pressure or engage in play.


  • Penalties will be called for rule infractions
  • Minor penalties will result in a goal being awarded to the opposing, non-penalized team as well as puck possession for taking half.
  • Major penalties or any action that jeopardizes the safety of players, volunteers or spectators will result in that player's ejection from the tournament with no substitution allowed for that player's team. In extreme instances or actions involving more than one player from a team, the entire team can be ejected from the tournament. That team or any of the individual players will never be granted entry into the tournament again.
  • General hockey infractions such as tripping, hooking, slashing, elbowing etc are considered infractions at this event as well (Minor penalty) ▪ Any abuse of officials (monitors) will be considered a major penalty. This includes yelling / swearing and excessive arguing about calls.
  • No body checking
  • No slap shots. Stick blades must remain on the ice. (Minor penalty)
  • No contacting the puck with your stick above the waist (Minor penalty)
  • No player can fall / lay / slide on the ice to protect the goal area or drop/lay your stick in a position to protect the goal area (goaltending) (Minor penalty)
  • No intentional lifting of the puck. "Flip" or "saucer" passes are permitted if both teams agree; however, shots that are intentionally lifted into the air can cause injury to players and spectators alike. The resulting action without due care and attention = (Minor penalty) ▪ All minor penalties can be upgraded to major infractions
  • There will be no off-side or icing calls
  • Goals must be scored from the attacking side of center ice. The maximum +/- awarded for any game, regardless of score will be a +10 or -10. (May become relevant in tie breaking purposes for play-offs)
  • Pucks that leave the playing area result in possession being awarded to the opposing team who in-bounds the puck at a point near to the location that the original puck left the surface. The defending team must give them two stick lengths to in-bound the puck. (The assigned official will have extra pucks and will spot a puck at that location. Puck chasers are provided to retrieve errant pucks)
  • The organizers reserve the right to prohibit any player from participating in a game should they be deemed a safety risk to themselves or anyone else.
  • The organizers reserve the right to add or delete rules as identified in this document. If changes are made, teams will be informed prior to any games being played.